Why Visual Merchandising is in demand?

January 6, 2021by admin0

It is an admitted fact that a retailer’s physical store or e-commerce website is an appealing tactic to attract customers. Yet the aim is not just to look tempting but also to enhance retail purchases.

In our digital era, visuals influenced people because:

  • Study has revealed that 65% of individuals say that they are visual learners
  • 42% message retention is increased through visuals

Moreover, visual merchandising is helping retailers to convey their message faster and with greater impact.


Let’s dig into the facts that how the timeless design principles have impacted shopper psychology. Consequently, drove traffic and sales both in stores and online.


Visibility: What’s seen is Sold Out

In-store and online, visibility encourages retailers to align their feature items with a unique narrative and authentic brand image. Additionally, help shoppers to find the items easily and quickly.  Data analytics help merchandisers to get aware about the latest trends and fashions. Moreover, it also helps merchandisers to know exactly which products are popular and trending. Thus, provides opportunity to merchant to take wow shoppers all the way to checkout page. Therefore, increasing trend can be seen for merchandising in KSA and other Gulf countries.


Helps to maintain the elements together in harmony

There are numerous aspects that address consumer’s needs. In stores and online, successful visual merchandising addresses those needs including quality, variety and as well as the trust. Trust directly comes from the online product reviews. Furthermore, these positive feedbacks inspire others to shop confidently.

It is mandatory for merchandisers to pay attention to merchandise and communication cues, both in-store and online. There is only need to showcase sufficient product variety while remaining consistent with the core brand theme. In addition, merchandisers also found a medium through which they can happily manage store rather than disengaging walk-in customers.

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