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A leading merchandising agency that is revolutionizing the retail industry with its innovative and cutting-edge solutions. The company provides hypermarkets and other retail outlets with the best-automated devices and systems to help streamline the merchandising process.


Say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to efficient, streamlined reporting. With ARMS, clients receive daily, weekly, and monthly reports that provide valuable insights into their inventory, helping them make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

Great Performance

With their industry expertise and technology savvy, our merchandisers are truly the best in the business. They are the ideal partners for retailers looking to streamline their operations and drive growth, and we are proud to have them as part of the MIMZ team.

Introducing ARMS .
The Retail Expert.

ARMS is a 360 degree retail oriented software and business ERP which covers all aspect of retail automation, including Merchandising, Sales, Warehouse Management, Promotion, Retail Audit and Activation.

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Our Solutions

Retail Services

Merchandising & Promotions

Our Dedicated Manpower are always ready to explore the market with the best tool to report on merchandising, brand activation, retail audit and promotions and other on demand services.

Shelf Replenishment, Tracking Expiry & Stock Positioning are on the fingertips, You will never miss any out of stock report.
Sales & Warehouse Management

Sales & Deliveries

With ARMS Sales Application, Tracking sales, managing van drivers, deliveries and warehouse management is smoother easier that was never before,

Order Booking and real time fulfillment of the order was a dream now comes true with MIMZ International PLC Automation Platform.
Software Development

Mobile & Web Application

The world is in revolution phase in IT sector, requirements of automation and digital business presentation are increasing with greater pace everyday, It will be insane if will not provide software development services, because we have a platform of best developers.

Thus! keeping stakes into digital race MIMZ International PLC is also providing best in class software development including mobile and web application.

More business KPIS to track

A very user friendly and feature rich mobile application allows field-force to record the market statistics seamlessly.

Availability Check

Record On Shelf Availability & Out Of Stock

Stock Check

Record location-wise stock position and count of the market.


Record product expiry with all batches seamlessly!


This activity can track the replenishment rate of the shelf, Its easy to track off-take of any product from shelf.

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Share Of Shelf

How Shelf Looks with BDA Compliance.

Planogram Compliance

Comparing Planogram with the shelf for compliance

Return To Vendor (RTV)

Either any product got expired or damaged, now merchandiser can easily record it in the system for monthly reports.

Store Insights

Pictures for backdoor, shelf, category before and after fixing and many more.

Our Introductory Video.

MIMZ International PLC & ARMS

Its worthy to see how ARMS delivering your business needs.

Universe of Stores
Successful Market Visits
Salesmen & Promoters

Our Services

Merchandising Services

MIMZ proudly offering its merchandising service equiped with best-in-class merchandiser, Yes! they are trained, certified and experts. Our merchandisers are loaded with our in-house automation tool, so you will never miss any single report and loaded KPIs Dashboard with real time updates.

Activation & Promotions

You are new to the market! do you wanna launch a new product or adding a seed into basket? No more worry!!!.

with our dedicated & expert promoters your product marketing and successful launching will be guaranteed by MIMZ International PLC, Real time report will demonstrate the market situation itself.

Retail Audit Services

How you are tracking your shelf shares, off-self (Secondary) displays or POSM? With MIMZ International PLC and Its dedicated merchandiser and brand auditor it is flawless now, We believe in win-win and your retail audit will be our services audit.... believing us is the only matter.

Marketing Services

Leaflet Distribution, Door to Door, Gifting, Sampling, Testing and all the services including on field marketing with banners, seminars, events and postures are with us with ease of doing business. With our in-house application tracking of all marketing related activities are in a single dashboard.

Human Resource Services

MIMZ International PLC are having dedicated resources for your field work. Hire Expert Now! The quality of the personnel for any kind of field work will never compromise because we are continually working on the calibers and providing trained staff.

Delivery Services

With our country level personnel architecture we are offering delivering services, We are having in-house automation system to serve all your delivery and supply needs, you have to keep focusing on production and we are here to take care to delivering the products at right door.

Software Development Services

We have 100+ experts in the field of IT including blockchain developers, We are experienced in delivering the software as per your requirements, we do customization integration and upgrades on any software you are using. With our expert team we follow agile techniques to deliver the software..

Website Development Services

We made thousands of websites accross the globe, with our rich experience in website development we are deliveries the best-in-class websites. Try Us to digitalize your company on globe, We will take care of design, look, SEO and marketing of your website.

Designing & Creativity Services

We have ART department to draw concepts as 2D or 3D, Out Artist are having richer experience in latest designing tools included but not limited to Maya, Blender and 3D StudioMax.

Our Latest Works

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ARMS Supervisor Application.

ARMS has an automated supervisory system which helps supervisors to track the performance of their on-ground team along with full control on the data captured by them. The same system also helps to keep an eye on the supervisors and track their movement throughout working hours.

It has a built-in communication mechanism that helps supervisors to communicate their champions inside the store

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Latest from the Field Work


Panda 20001 - Roshan Mall

A Perfect Store having availability of 99.99% since last month with replenishment rate of 24%


Panda 20001 - Roshan Mall

A Perfect Store having availability of 99.99% since last month with replenishment rate of 24%


Panda 20001 - Roshan Mall

A Perfect Store having availability of 99.99% since last month with replenishment rate of 24%


Panda 20001 - Roshan Mall

A Perfect Store having availability of 99.99% since last month with replenishment rate of 24%

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