Merchandising is a Key Sales Promotion Tools

  • Recruiting Manpower & Training of Merchandisers/Promoters
  • Account Management Staff
  • Responsible and vigilant supervision
  • Dedicated performance, precise execution & complete ownership Daily Reporting & coordination with staff, distributors & clients
  • Compiling market feedback/reviews for analysis & enhancement of customer support & confidence
  • Enforce planogram and ensure strategic POS placement
  • Track Your Products Progress Through Feedback (Data and Photographic)
  • Monitor Competitor Movement
  • Manage Your Sales Cycle

We are Recruiting Merchandisers From

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The Employees Real Time Tracking Application You Will Ever Need.

A real-time location system (RTLS) is one of a number of technologies that detects the current geo-location of a target, which may be anything from a vehicle to an item in a manufacturing plant to a person. RTLS-capable products are used in an ever-increasing number of sectors including supply chain management (SCM),

The Real Time Reporting API enables you to request real time data—for example, real time activity on your business for an authenticated user by date, location, outlet number and region with branch manager salesman and merchandisers details.


RTLS is typically embedded in a product, such as a mobile phone or a navigational system.

  1. Merchandisers daily online attendance (TIMEIN & TIMEOUT)
  2. Merchandisers monthly time sheets
  3. Merchandising Route planning
  4. Merchandiser daily task tracking with pictorial evidence Before/After
  5. Merchandising Current location Monitor (GPRS)
  6. Merchandisers visiting checklist reports tracking
  7. Daily Stock Availability Reporting
  8. Daily Stock Visibility Reporting
  9. Stock Inventory
  10. Warehouse stock data control
  11. Products near expiry report tracking by sending email notifications
  12. RTV reports Tracking
  13. SOS, SOF, 00S Tracking
  14. Competitor activities tracking
  15. All types of in-store promotional activities tracking
  16. Floor display and promotional activates tracking
  17. Market audits tracking
  18. Generating P.O – Sales reports tracking
  19. Van or Delivery vehicle tracking

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